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My first experience with aspen roofing out of Missouri was in November 2015 in Las Cruces New Mexico. At the time they were hit with a catastrophic Hailstorm.

I was working with a local contractor three generations local grandfather, father, and now son. I received a call from one of my clients one day saying that two men from Aspen I just left their home claiming to be local (which they're not) and that I was not local (which I was) I had a advertisement sign in the front yard and sign contract which they were trying to get my client to break. My client told him they chased him off the property and not to come back. A couple days later I get another call from a different client with the same story.

At that point I called Aspen corporate offices in Mo, filed a complaimy with the sales manager never heard back from anybody. This practice continued for several months. Jump forward to August of this year Las Vegas New Mexico was hit with a catastrophic events I've been working in Las Vegas for the past four years as a roofer. I saw an aspirin truck roll in, at that point I rolled up to him told him that this is a no door knocking community and that they are not welcomed here and it was not gonna work out for them.

A couple days later I saw third and fourth Aspen truck in the neighborhood. At that point I contacted the city informed them of what was going on they said they were aware and had received calls complaints from local residents regarding their solicitation that's your door. At that point I called Aspen corporate offices they directed me to the local manager who I spoke with at that point he told me that he had a referral and I reply to a text three trucks from Texas to handle one referral which was a blatant lie.

I put another call into Aspen corporate I spoke to Pat the president or CEO of Aspen shared my concerns with his company being in the city and the normal door knocking ordinances and the need to cease-and-desist right away I won't be since I've opened offices get to the door knock they tell the city that there are not door knocking and they continue to get complaints from local residents they are straight liars *** bags they'll be here for a year pack up after they're done leave local residents without any representation or repair warranties. Do not use them they are scammers.

Review about: Aspen Contracting Customer Care.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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How long do you think it would take your company of 5 or 6 guys to repair all the roofs that were damaged? 5 years?

10 years? How bout you just keep working on your jobs and mind your own business? The only reason you "get your jobs taken away" is because these other companies, Aspen included have so much more to offer.

Maybe you should knock on doors to warn everyone that this evil empire has arrived!

But then you'd have to actually work.

It's too funny you can't spot the other out of town guys and focus on the guys that know what they're doing.

You "local" guys get an extra 10-20% of jobs due to the "stormers" getting a roof approved and then the homeowner decides he wants to give the local Chuck in a truck the job. So for many of your jobs, Your Welcome!

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